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Aspergillus niger

Aspergillus niger / awamori / foetidus / phoenicis Species detected by this assay are morphologically similar and difficult to distinguish without molecular techniques, such as PCR. Aspergillus awamori is widespread in soils and on plants, and it has been used extensively for industrial applications and for food preparation. Some isolates of A. awamori have been found to produce the mycotoxin known as ochratoxin A, and it is possible that this fungus can cause subcutaneous infections. A. foetidus and A. phoenicis are soil fungi that are likely involved in natural decomposition. A. niger is a fungus that can be found in house dust, mattress dust. A. niger can also contaminate foods such as spices and onions. Importantly, A. niger is allergenic and can cause inner/outer ear infections and sinus infections.

Water Activity (min.):


Colonizer Group:



Malformin, Ochratoxin A, and Oxalic acid

Aspergillus niger
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